The region

Ename, nowadays a small village located on the right bank of the Scheldt, four kilometers from Oudenaarde, has a rich history. From the 10th century till the French Revolution, life in the village was centered around the powerful St. Salvator Abbey.


Ename is located in the green heart of the Flemish Ardennes and is a strong attraction for bikers, hikers, nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. Besides the historic Huis Beaucarne you can also explore other sites in Ename, the region where the Beaucarne-family has always felt at home.


Arrange your daytrip to Ename and visit:


  • The Romanesque St.-Laurentius church. 
  • The historical Ename village square (previously ‘Beaucarne-square’).
  • The archeological site with the remains of the Saint Salvator abbey.
  • The historical nature reserve ‘Bos ’t Ename’.

 Discover the village of Ename during the walking route of the Abbey monks!


Feel free to contact us for a daytrip in Ename accompagnied by a guide which will submerge you into the rich history of Ename, its abbey and Huis Beaucarne.


The Beaucarne family exploring the villages past and the Abbey ruines at the actual archeological site in 1928.