The vinery

Up until the First World War the gardens of Huis Beaucarne counted numerous greenhouses and conservatories. Nowadays, only two of them remain: a 19th century orchid-conservatory (nowadays transformed into Tea-House) and a majestic vinery, situated in the back of the historical garden.


The vinery was originally build in the 18th century during the Exoticism period and possesses grape vines dating back to the 18th century, where they were planted alternately between the in- and outside of the building and still flourish on the first floor of the vinery. The 250-year old grape vines, of the Frankenthaler-variety, are one of the oldest remaining grapevines - unique in Europe.


Nowadays the vinery is not accessible to visitors. One of our goals for the near future is to restore this unique monument to its former glory.

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