Guided tours

Huis Beaucarne offers you a guided tour of the history and interiors of the historical residence. Although, Huis Beaucarne can only be visited by appointment.   


Guided tours are available in Dutch, French and English and last approximately 90 minutes. Due to the intimate atmosphere and unique setting we only accept groups of maximum 10 people


It is however possible to take a solo guided tour or with a smaller group of people at the standard rate. 


The standard price is € 200 for groups up to 10 people (guide incl.).


Combine your visit with an Afternoon Tea, lunch or brunch ...

For larger groups we offer the possibility of booking Afternoon Tea-arrangements or an arrangement of your choice, combined with a guided tour. The group will then be divided by two whilst we offer you a refreshment (champagne & tea or coffee) and delicious appetizers or artisanal mini-desserts.


You can book a guided tour using the reservation form below or by calling us at +32 (0)476307736.


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