The residence and its collection

The story of the house and its inhabitants is beautifully displayed by the collections that wondrously have stood the test of time and have been preserved with care. Because of the fact that the residence has always remained in the same family; Huis Beaucarne, with its original interiors and decoration, truly succeeds in giving visitors real insight into the 18th and 19th century. 


The Beaucarne- and Fredericq-families were also great collectors of unusual antiques.

The residence houses a very original defined collection, including many objects from the St.-Salvator Abbey in Ename, which was destroyed in 1797.

Other important collections that can be seen in the residence are antique doll-houses, miniature theaters, a natural history collection, a collection of religious globes and much more ... Discover all of this during the guided tour and book your visit here.