Support us

You can support our activities and projects today by donating a gift to Huis Beaucarne.

In order to preserve the building and its historic interiors, but also the gardens and grape conservatory for the future, and to make it more accessible to our visitors, conservation and restoration is necessary.

Regardless of size, every contribution helps us further discover, share and preserve this story.

It is precisely in order to be able to continue to achieve all this and to reduce the blow that House Beaucarne received during the current corona crisis, together with the King Baudouin Foundation, we have set up a project account. In this way, we ensure that Huis Beaucarne is part of the future, and that its story and its special heritage can continue to exist.


Due to the cooperation that Huis Beaucarne entered into with the King Baudouin Foundation and the start-up of a project account, people who donate an amount of more than 40 euros enjoy tax deductibility. In concrete terms, this means that the tax authorities allocate 60% as a tax reduction. Due to the corona crisis, this percentage was temporarily increased from 40% to 60%.


Both private gifts and corporate gifts are tax deductible.


Donations can be transferred to the project account of Huis Beaucarne, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, to the following account: (IBAN): BE10 0000 0000 0404 or (BIC): BP0TBEB1, mention *** 129/2255/00048 *** , or via the online payment module of the King Baudouin Foundation.