The Huis Beaucarne (Non-Profit Organization) regularly organizes lectures on the historic House Beaucarne. During these lectures you can get acquainted with the authentic 18th century house and its residents through time and with the influence of certain family members and their contribution to the rich and intriguing history of Ename and House Beaucarne to this day!


Are you organizing a lecture and are you interested in House Beaucarne?

We currently offer 2 different lectures on the history of House Beaucarne:

  • The House Beaucarne, an evolution of a family home: in this lecture the emphasis lies on the stylistic evolution of the building and the role played by its inhabitants in the development of the interiors of the house throughout the history of House Beaucarne.
  • Ename and the Beaucarne family: the emphasis of this lecture lies on the social role of the Beaucarne family in Ename from the 18th century to the 20th century and contains lots of historical archive footage of Ename and daily life in the village during the early 20th century.


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