Heritage Guide: House Beaucarne in Ename

Heritage Guide: House Beaucarne in Ename


Author: Julien Fornari

Available only in Dutch!


Our first publication about the House Beaucarne will be published on 6 September, thanks to the support by the Province of East-Flanders! This 'Heritage Guide' has 112 pages of text with some 80 beautiful photographs and historical archive footage depicting the evolution of the House Beaucarne and its inhabitants through time. Reserve your copy here!


"On the historical village square of the old and pittoresque village of Ename stands a long and rectangular white house. Enter its front door and discover the 18th century...

In this 'Heritage Guide', the current resident and art historian Julien Fornari tells the fascinating story of this 18th century family home based on the estate archives and old family photo albums. It is just one of the many initiatives taken by him and his fiancée Lena Vastesaeger to share this monument with a broad public and in order to ensure its survival. An asset for heritage village Ename!"